Mar. 17th, 2011

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You know, I'm not sure I really care any longer to try explaining issues that are important to me to other people.

I'm tired of explaining, of justifying, of apologizing, who and what I am, how I feel, how I think. Some of these issues are my identity (does anyone expect a straight, cis-sexual individual to explain that they just KNEW from a young age that they were straight and that they internally identified with the gender presentation of their physical body? No? Why the fuck then do I need to explain that I just KNEW I was queer, and that my body felt WRONG before I had even heard of the existence of homosexuality or (ten years later) transgenderism?).

I just fucking knew, just like you fucking knew your own identity and alignment. Why are queer and trans and other "different" people required to fucking explain, and write essays, and prove, and provide the fucking WEALTH of information that is available if you just fucking LOOK to all the straight/het/cis-sexual/cis-gendered people in the world?

There are essays and research papers done by scientists and psychologists and gender therapists- go fucking LOOK FOR THEM YOURSELF if you want to know.

I'm done explaining it. I'm done justifying my own identity. I'm done holding hands. There is a goddamn wealth of information and research- anyone that is actually open to understanding, I mean REALLY UNDERSTANDING, how dysphoria works, how gender can be maleable, how brain chemistry is not the same for everyone single fucking person, how genetic anomalies can produce people that don't conform to the "standard" XY (XXY, YY, XYY, and so on)- anyone that REALLY wants to know and understand can take some fucking initiative and go find out all on their lonesome, instead of expecting the fucking minority within a minority to explain it all for them.

JFC. I am done with this. If my existence as queer female-to-male identified non-op/non-hrt gender- and body-dysphoric individual just befuddles your senses and you can't understand why WE WANT THE SAME FUCKING CONSIDERATIONS as the cis-privileged people on the fucking planet, then GTFO.


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