May. 17th, 2011

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I am going to make this abundantly clear.

The primary moving force in my life is the respect for bodily integrity and bodily autonomy of EVERYONE. Not just me, but EVERYONE. It is the one thing that has NEVER changed, not once, in my entire life. That driving force, passion, that INTENSE, impossible to ignore feeling of basic equality for all people. It is still as strong right now, when I am 30, as it was when I was 10 years old and barely even KNEW those words, let alone the ultimate ramifications.

When I was a child, I didn't know any queer people, I didn't know that I was queer, but I knew full fucking well they deserved the same rights as everyone. HIV and AIDS were not "gay diseases" and yes, I snapped at anyone who said otherwise. I was fucking TEN YEARS OLD and I knew this. What the fuck was wrong with everyone ELSE???

From that, my beliefs only grew. You do not hit other people (don't even argue bullshit with me "har har what about self-defense you said don't hit people!" don't be an ignorant motherfucker, you know damn well what I mean). I have never hit anyone, human or non-human, and the day I do is the day I go see a counselor. I do not believe in violence against anyone, and I will not hit my SO, my child, or my pets, or anyone else barring extraordinary circumstances, such as self-defense (and yes I believe that in self-defense, no holds are barred, you do what the hell you need to do to protect yourself or your loved ones). No, I will never, not ever, spank my child.

I do not believe in manipulating people for sex or intimacy, and I'd like to see rapists rot in jail for the rest of their lives with the murderers. Same for pedophiles, or any other predator.

I do believe that non-therapeutic surgery for animals should be illegal- declawing of cats, debarking, ear cropping, and tail docking of dogs, beak splitting of parrots (or any birds), horse tail docking- the list could go on, but you get the point. Most of the world considers these things animal abuse and they are illegal. Imagine that!

I also believe that ear piercing of children below a certain age should be illegal. No one has the right to force a cosmetic modification of the body on someone unable to give consent.

Yes, that includes circumcision. I don't give a flying fuck why anyone thinks they have a right to do that to another person. You DO know that over 75% of the world is intact- it's only in America that foreskin is "dirty" and gross? And there is not some raging epidemic of penile cancer ravaging the lands of Europe because of it? It's child abuse, and amounts to torture (will YOU consent to unanesthetized surgery on YOUR body? So why the fuck would you do it to someone else? The human body is not filthy!) Yes, it should be fucking illegal. I don't care one goddamn what reason someone wants to make up to justify it. It is not your fucking body!

Abortion? A woman's right, to control her own body. She comes first, always.

Medical care? If you want to die a slow horrible death because of whatever belief you have says you have to, then have at it. Inflicting that belief on someone else? No, never, not ever.

The point? Respect for other people, their rights to their own bodies, their bodily integrity, and autonomy are the breaking points for me. If you can't respect those things, then I honestly want to distance myself rather than continually be subjected to what I consider to be incredibly offensive and wrong.

If you can't show the same respect for other people's right, then I'd rather not have to wade through the things I find offensive.

Pro-piercing of small children?
Pro-cosmetic surgery on animals?

Just generally don't have a strong sense of equality and integrity for other people and their own self-determination? Not interested.


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