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Well, I made the decision to upgrade my ears, and I am extremely happy that I did so. I feel that this size looks much better compared to my face, and with the size of my seconds, than 7/16" did. No need for a taper or tape, they self-stretched happily enough, and I've been wearing a 1/2" Kaos earskin off and on for the last few weeks. I got my plugs from Bill Thursday, 1/2" SF oil sheen dichro, and I LOVE them. I already had 2g, and I had him make me a matching 4g conch plug- so for once in my life, I match! I like mixing things up, but I loved this dichro so much I wanted matches for them.

I pretty much dead stretched the last of the way there. Some biol-oil, and I slipped them in. I've been keeping them oiled, as there was a slight pinch; the oil prevented my skin from sticking to the glass, which helped my ears to settle down and the skin shift to remove that pinch sensation. I get the same thing when I put in my 2g when my ears are dry, and oil always relieves any discomfort with them, too. I slept with the plugs in, as I want to make sure they settle at this size and relax enough to wear DF. At this point, the minor shrinking that would occur overnight wouldn't be worth the discomfort of putting them back in. In a couple of weeks, I think I'll be ready to sleep naked again.

Without further ado!

I tried to get both sides as close as possible, but after a long day at work, I didn't want to spend forever getting them perfect. This is 1/2" SF with about 15-16mm front flare, 2g SF seconds, 4g SF conch, and blurple industrial.

So you can see my ears in relation to my face.

7/16" for comparison

I am also happy that what I thought might have been a thin spot on my left seems to have evened out now. My ears have expanded well in proportion to the plugs. I'm just really keen on this size, so hopefully the stretching bug won't bite again!

Of course, NOW my ears are being pissy little bitches, so I've put some 7/16 back in til they calm down. Stoopit lobes.
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